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GRIT Workout You Need To Try

Find out why you should be doing Hayley Madigan’s GRIT not HIIT workout to help keep you active in the lead up to Christmas.

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Easy Ways To Be More Active

From nature walks to chair exercises, we share six ways to include more movement into your day.

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Gut-Friendly Foods To Fuel Exercise

Fuel your workouts in a way that enhances performance and also gives your gut a helping hand at the same time.

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Exercise and The Gut, What’s The Deal?

Find out how exercise can alter both the numbers and diversity of microbes in the gut.

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The Gut Couture Collection

View our show-stopping collection of dresses that are perfect for the 1 in 5 who live with gut issues.

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Gut-Loving Styling Tips

TV Presenter Lisa Snowdon shares her go-to tips for dressing with gut issues.

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Get Back to Gut Basics

Dr Chris George shares the science behind digestive symptoms and his GP-approved ways to tackle them.

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Dressing With Gut Issues

Fitness expert Hayley Madigan shares her tips for dressing confidently with gut issues.

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Welcome to Lootopia

Where all your worries and anxieties will flush away. Picture this, your own private toilet right next to your sunbed.

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Travelling with Symprove

Take your trusty bottle of Symprove with you to support your microbiome while you're away enjoying the sun.

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8 easy tips to support your gut

Gastroenterology Dietitian, Dr Sammie Gill, shares some tips that can help support your gut on holiday.

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How to poo on holiday

A dietitian-approved guide to keeping your bowel moving as it should, while away from home this summer.

Why do Brits suffer in silence?

We've been working with TV presenter and Symprove friend Lisa Snowdon, to uncover the truth behind gut health stigmas.

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Meeting the needs of the Patients

Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP, broadcaster, and television doctor, shares her thoughts on meeting a patients' needs when it comes to gut health.

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Getting to know your gut

We spoke to NHS GP, Dr Chris George to find out what good gut health looks like, dymystify common digestive problems and get some helpful tips and tricks.

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How else can Symprove Help

Our team and fans are one big gut-loving gang, here to listen, support and point you in the right direction.