NEW: Symprove On The Go

NEW: Symprove On The Go

We’re excited to launch our brand new Symprove ‘On The Go’ so your patients never need to miss a dose. Based on feedback from healthcare professionals and patients, the daily dose is in one bottle so there’s no need to measure or refrigerate. One pack contains 7 individual doses.

Find out more about this great new version of our product with Victoria Boyman who leads New Product Development here at Symprove.

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Who is it for?

Initially Symprove On The Go will only be available for those with an existing Symprove subscription (either monthly rolling or fixed). This is because our research shows Symprove should be trialled for a minimum of 3 months, with 92% of patients reporting a benefit in this period. Therefore we want to avoid new patients using "On The Go" for a 7 day period and expecting to feel the benefits immediately.

Free trials of Symprove that are available to healthcare professionals who talk to our team will continue to be 12-week packs to stay true to our research.

Is it suitable for patients on the ward?
Yes, this was a key consideration when the product was developed as we know some secondary care teams recommend Symprove to inpatients, with the patient then continuing to take Symprove at home after being discharged.

If you have an inpatient who you think may be appropriate for Symprove, email us at and we can support you.

Have the ingredients or manufacturing process changed?
No, the ingredients and manufacturing process are exactly the same as Symprove Daily Essential – just packaged differently for convenience.

What’s the shelf-life?
Just like Symprove Daily Essential, the shelf-life is 6 months from the point of manufacture.

Is it environmentally friendly?
As with Symprove Daily Essential, the packaging is 100% recyclable (and in fact the packaging is also partly made from recycled plastic to begin with).