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Symprove is a unique water-based probiotic that works differently to dairy or tablet formulas to deliver live bacteria to the colon.1,2

Proven in randomised controlled trials at King’s College Hospital and independent in-vitro studies at University College London, 92% of people feel the difference in real-world.2-5

Why water is life for our bacteria

  • ALIVE: 70 billion live colony forming units (CFUs)1
  • SURVIVE: Pass through the stomach in <10 minutes1
  • THRIVE: >99% of live bacteria consumed reach the colon1

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Recommended by clinical and scientific experts

We are proud to partner with Symprove to raise awareness of a product that has already been helpful to so many people

Bladder & Bowel UK

Symprove is different from other probiotics because it is water-based, which means it limits exposure to gastric juices and digestive enzymes

Professor Simon Gaisford

Head of Pharmaceutics at UCL School of Pharmacy

In a world where there are many claims about gut health (with good evidence!), I’m so enthused by Symprove's research, and what we are seeing from the results.

Laura Tilt

Registered Dietitian

In order to be effective, probiotics need to 'arrive, survive and thrive'

Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

Medical broadcaster, practicing HP and clinical consultant for

92% of people report a difference with Symprove over 3 months and we offer healthcare professionals a free trial to see for themselves

Imogen Wolsey

Registered Dietitian, Symprove

Symprove has been proven in a number of rigorous randomised double-blind controlled trials... supported by several studies in-vitro, demonstrating changes in physiological and microbiological effects

Professor Ingvar Bjarnason

Consultant gastroenterologist, King's College Hospital, London

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*Offer valid for healthcare professionals who have not previously received a free Symprove trial.