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The role of the HCP in managing digestive health: webinar

With IBS affecting up to 40% of people and some IBS patients visiting their GP eight to ten times a year, it has never been more important for GPs to keep up to date with how they can best support their patients with digestive health issues.

This session covers the presentation of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in clinical practice, the Rome IV diagnostic criteria and evidence-based lifestyle interventions for IBS. We’ll also unpack the key considerations when recommending a probiotic and discuss when and why to refer to a dietitian or gastroenterologist.

 We’ll hear from Dr Sarah Jarvis, a GP with a special interest in digestive health. Dr Jarvis trained at Cambridge and Oxford, was a partner in the same practice for almost 30 years, and now works regularly as a GP locum. Since 2017, she has been Clinical Director of Patient.co.uk – an international patient information website with 250 million visitors per year. Dr Jarvis is perhaps best known from her media work – she regularly appears on Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 Show and his Channel 5 TV programme, as well as being the resident doctor on ITV lunchtime news and the BBC One Show’s GP.

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