Symprove 2023 highlights

Symprove 2023 highlights

Catch up with our 2023 highlights, including Symprove publications, product launches and partnerships. Plus discover what’s in store for Symprove in 2024.
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2023 has flown past but has been another strong year for Symprove, with the number of people using Symprove ever increasing, partly driven by the ever-growing number of healthcare professional referrals.

From a research perspective, 2023 saw two new Symprove publications:

We’ve formed new partnerships with expert organisations like the Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology, Bladder & Bowel UK (BBUK) and Harley St at Home Menopause. This will help support education around gut health but also, in the words of Karen Irwin at BBUK, to “raise awareness of a product that has already been helpful to so many people”.

We’ve been able to extend Symprove shelf-life to 6 months from manufacture without any changes to the ingredients or products process, plus we’ve launched new Symprove On The Go for added convenience and use in a clinical setting.

And there’s plenty more to come in 2024 with a host of new publications expected to demonstrate microbiological and physiological changes with Symprove in clinical conditions through in-vitro, in vivo and real-world research. This research spans a range of different areas, including the gut-brain, gut-metabolic and gut-skin axes. Be the first to hear about the publications and get new educational resources by signing up to our newsletter (below) or speaking to our team.

Until then, we hope you’re able to get some very well-earned rest over the holiday period.