Exploring the role for probiotics in aged-care

Exploring the role for probiotics in aged-care

Recap the compositional and functional shifts in the gut microbiome through ageing, and explore the research behind probiotics in age-related health conditions.

Learning objectives:

  • The association between aging and dysbiosis
  • Role of probiotics in age-related health conditions
  • Clinical and practical considerations on the use of probiotics for aging patients

About our experts:
Lindsey Thorn is a Specialist Community Dietitian in the NHS, currently working for Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust in home enteral feeding, and in freelance practice. Lindsey has over 10 years clinical experience, primarily in gastroenterology and oncology.

Sarah-Jane Reilly is a first-class honours dietitian with clinical expertise in weight management and public health nutrition. She is also a final year medical student at the University of St Andrews & University of Dundee. Sarah-Jane combines her interest in nutrition and medicine to campaign for better nutrition education in medicine.

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Exploring the role for probiotics in aged-care