Primary Care Menopause Lifestyle courses

Primary Care Menopause Lifestyle courses

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When it comes to accessing credible, evidence-based menopause lifestyle advice and support, it’s not just menopausal women that struggle. Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) are equally frustrated in their quest for trusted and credible menopause interventions - not least related to lifestyle factors

Harley Street at Home Menopause, founded by award winning Registered Dietitian Nigel Denby, recognise the lifestyle gap, and are on a mission to provide trusted resources, allowing HCPs to confidently and effectively refer patients to credible and relevant lifestyle courses. We specialise in supporting women through menopause transition, and are a highly respected and trusted source on all aspects of menopause lifestyle.

Read on to find out which are the most commonly presented menopause lifestyle symptoms, and the specially tailored courses Harley Street at Home can offer you and your patients, including the Digestive Health course we are thrilled to be offering as part of our ongoing partnership with Symprove.

Understanding the menopause lifestyle challenge

We know from our research that 80% of women don’t seek lifestyle related guidance before menopausal symptoms become a concern, and that HCPs simply don’t feel equipped to effectively to support their patients. Existing prescribing guidance for menopause symptoms and treatments often isn’t enough to address lifestyle concerns such as fatigue, digestive issues, weight gain, low energy and poor sleep, and the inevitable distress they cause women who’ve previously thrived without seeking HCP help or guidance.

Introducing online primary care menopause lifestyle courses

Recognising the need for trusted advice to support menopause lifestyles for patients, we invite you to join our new, dedicated HCP community where you’ll be kept up-to-date with how to access all our lifestyle courses for your patients. The courses are designed with one clear aim – to enable confident and effective lifestyle changes by your patients.

Course offerings for NHS primary care

Each course is delivered by highly respected experts who will share the latest evidence, and best practical advice, on the most commonly presented lifestyle concerns for menopausal women:

  • Digestive Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Intimate Health
  • Non-hormonal approaches to menopause symptom management
  • Sleep
  • Weight Management

Digestive health leading the way

The Digestive Health course is currently being offered for free to selected NHS practices as part of our ongoing partnership with Symprove. Reaching over 2,000 women to date, the dietitian-led course is designed to help women understand the changes in their digestion through menopause transition. Practical advice and support, always from a firm evidence base, is delivered over 1hr live sessions which focus on understanding digestive health symptoms, the microbiome, dietary modifications, stress management and relaxation, the role of the pelvic floor and engaging techniques like abdominal massage, breath work and yoga.

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Funding and Fees

We’re thrilled to share that some of our menopause lifestyle courses are available free of charge, while others can be accessed using local and national NHS funding routes. We’re on hand to help you navigate access for your patients.

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Working together, we can empower women’s menopause journeys.