Who is Symprove for?

Who is Symprove for?

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Symprove is a food supplement suitable for use by most people. While the vast majority of people take Symprove if they are experiencing gut issues, we have studies underway in neurology and dermatology, reflecting the broader impact of the gut.

Some people will have seen their healthcare professional (potentially many times), undergone a range of investigations and received a medical diagnosis, while others have self-diagnosed. Our real-world evidence study demonstrated that 92% of people see a benefit over 3 months use of Symprove – and this spans those with and without a medical diagnosis.

Can Symprove be used in pregnancy and children?
Symprove is suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it doesn’t contain any ingredients contraindicated in these patients.

Due to its robust safety profile, there is also no lower age limit for taking Symprove. The dose should be titrated to 1 mL per kg of body weight.

Who is NOT appropriate for Symprove?
There are no contraindications with Symprove. We advise caution in those patients who are severely immunocompromised, although there is no data to show Symprove use in this patient group would be an issue. In fact, Symprove has been researched in patients taking immunosuppressants as part of their management for other conditions and no serious adverse effects were seen.

If you have specific patients in mind, speak to our team.

How long do you need to take Symprove?
Guidelines from the British Society of Gastroenterology relating to the use of probiotics for the management of specific conditions, recommend use for up to 3 months. This aligns with our Symprove research where we’ve demonstrated significant improvements in randomised controlled trials and real-world studies in different populations over 3 months.

Some patients continue to take Symprove every day long-term. Generally these are the people who have had more severe health issues. Others start/stop Symprove as they feel appropriate. We always encourage people to make other lifestyle changes alongside Symprove use, such as diet and exercise.

Can I trial Symprove?
All healthcare professionals are eligible to receive a free 3-month trial of Symprove if they speak with our team. This is a 15-min online meeting to walk you through Symprove research and answer your questions. The trial can be taken by the healthcare professional or passed to a patient.