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Dr Maria-Emanuela Maxan and Dr Vishal Patel

Dr Maria-Emanuela Maxan is a specialist gastroenterology trainee in South London. Having been awarded the first Roger Williams Clinical Research Training Fellowship in 2022, she is currently dividing her time between her research interests investigating the role of the gut barrier function in cirrhosis at the Roger Williams Institute of Hepatology, and clinical work caring for patients with advanced chronic liver disease at the Liver Unit, King’s College Hospital.

Dr Vishal Patel is a Consultant Hepatologist and Endoscopist at the Liver Unit, King's College Hospital, focusing on Advanced Chronic Liver Disease (ACLD) and managing complications related to portal hypertension. He underwent tertiary hepatology training at the Liver Unit at King's College Hospital in complex hepatology, liver intensive care medicine and liver transplantation, and went on to set up the ACLD service at King’s. He is a Principal Investigator and Group Lead for ACLD with his lab based at the Roger Williams Institute of Hepatology, and an Adjunct Reader within the School of Immunology & Microbial Sciences at King's College London.